My Grandmother, My Mum and Me: A precious memento by Jessica de Lotz Jewellery

I have a very special personal post for you today and it is particularly apt for Mother's Day.   In a few months it will b...

I have a very special personal post for you today and it is particularly apt for Mother's Day. 

In a few months it will be my birthday, turning another year older makes you re-access various aspects of life, although most importantly it allows you to compute the value of everyone and everything. 

The two women who I credit (to their peril) my character and perspective of life is my Grandmother Audrey and my mother, her daughter, Marjorie. Through them I learnt a true understanding of independence, persistence and enduring love.

It is 18 years, this year, since my grandmother died and despite feeling her presence every day, her absence in my adult life seems more painful now, than when I was in my teens. 

Photographs, old possessions and home video footage capture the moments, the looks, the laughter and smiles forever but I felt the need to have something to keep her memory alive on me, everyday. Thankfully I knew the perfect person to turn to, my friend and, accomplished jeweller, Jessica de Lotz.

The greatest value of a piece by Jessica de Lotz Jewellery lies not within its price but within its emotional and sentimental quality.

Regular readers and jewellery lovers will not need an introduction to Jessica and her collection of treasures, although for those who are not aware of these impeccable pieces of delight, Jessica creates narrative based collections encapsulating personal stories into intricate pieces of jewellery.

Most recently Jessica collaborated with astrologer and life-coach, Louise Androlia, on a collection which I think is one of her best. 'As Above, So Below' uses astrology as the focus to create pieces which bring power and understanding to the wearer. Zodiac symbols are re imagined through unique illustrations which are hand stamped onto Jessica's signature wax seals and specially set to fulfill and empower.  My favourite piece is the zodiac necklace, which features two hands holding the hand-stamped seal. 

I tasked Jessica to create a bracelet which I can wear everyday to preserve my grandmother's memory and always feel close to my Mum.  As an obsessive devotee to Jessica's wax seals - since meeting Jessica I now wax seal stationery! - I desired the first initials of these special women, with me, their creation, in the middle. The result is undoubtedly exceptional.

Everyday I can now take the two most important women in my life with me to create new memories which I aspire to bequeath to any children I have. 

Happy Mothering Sunday to all Mum's and special lady's in your life.

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