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It is eighteen weeks since I started these #shwishlist posts. It all began on my seasonal visit to Pure London. As I sat in the press...

It is eighteen weeks since I started these #shwishlist posts. It all began on my seasonal visit to Pure London. As I sat in the press lounge I realised I had the ability to use the site to shine a light on the independent brands which I had met during the day, these great brands, mostly British, were collectively explaining that they do not receive the same attention as designer brands, in the mainstream press. 

I have really enjoyed finding new brands and I love reading your emails and feedback.
Each post takes about two weeks to collate, from research and layout to writing and publishing.  I also think about the post all the time, as soon as I see a brand I want to investigate it's added to my dedicated Smythson #shwishlist notebook. 

This week the #shwishlist features a few of the names I jotted in my notebook. I am really excited by these brands and hopefully you will feel the same.

When the Doe family's tannery business closed after almost 100 years in Northampton. A set of old sample books, dating from the 1920s, was discovered, containing hundreds of different pattern and colour variations. This inspired Deborah Thomas to design a new collection of bags and accessories using the archive as a starting point and incorporating the samples in the designs. Today Doe Leather is once again made in the UK and producing the most covetable pieces. I especially love the iPad cases made from bridle hide.

Beehive is another storied label which started in 1785. The Knitwear brand create forever classics and staple basics that will be a part of your wardrobe for many years to come. I love the creativity on the Beehive website with the hand-drawn images you immediately feel as if your buying a piece of history.  I have chosen 'The Thoroughbread' for my wishlist as I love a chunky cable crew neck knit. (try saying that fast...!) It is currently available for pre-order and can be made in three colourways. If you like quality products made from British wool, this brand is the perfect fit for you.

Today I'm Me is a British brand made in London. The label blends experimental 3D visions with a 2D world, playing with scale and pattern to create an optical illusion that is practical and desirable. With fabulously quirky design details the bags are noticeable for the right reasons, this is all about creativity!

Linen Lawn was established by Maragaret Appleby, in 2009, to produce high quality garments with a nostalgic and feminine edge. With a focus on print, the collection features a variety of Liberty prints. I love this colourful skirt and shirt set which would work wonderfully for a Summer Wedding.

To allow you a closer view of these covetable pieces, I have pinned everything I have featured to my #shwishlist pinterest board. If you would like to recommend a brand or item, email: moi@sarahhayleyfreelance.com or tweet me with the hashtag #shwishlist.

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