BAFTA Awards Weekend: Five-Minute Q&A with #CARATLondon CEO Scott Thompson

As a part of my 'BAFTA Awards Weekend' posts, today I have a five-minute interview with CARAT* CEO, Scott Thompson.  ...

As a part of my 'BAFTA Awards Weekend' posts, today I have a five-minute interview with CARAT* CEO, Scott Thompson. 

Scott founded CARAT* in 2003, after training as a pilot. The luxury fashion jewellery brand is now stocked within leading luxury department stores, a growing number of independent retail stockists and boutiques in cities around the world including London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

S-H: Who is the Carat* London customer and what are they looking for? 

ST: She is looking for a little fantasy. She might have the real thing but would like play make believe. She also likes to add to her existing jewellery to fill out the gaps that might be unaffordable.  

S-H: What is the appeal of jewellery set with synthetic man-made stones and do you think there will ever be a time when the are more popular than mined-diamonds?

ST: Man made gems are playful and not as serious the natural gemstone business. Synthetic gemstones are not new to the market its just that nobody seems to have done it as well as us. Natural and man made gemstones are very different markets. One represents reality and the other represents fantasy, not to mention very different price points. 

S-H: It is widely reported that synthetic stones are of higher quality than natural stones because they do not contain impurities that are a by-product of gem formation found within the earth. Therefore Carat* jewellery can be considered of higher quality than some fine jewellery pieces, yet it sells at a distinctively lower price.  How do you feel about that?

ST: They both have their own beauty with and without impurities without any diminishment in their quality. Unnatural beauty and natural beauty both have their customers. CARAT* represents the very best man made gems in the market we are happy that they are more accessible with our prices. It means we can have more customers.

S-H: Within the collections is an Engagement line.  Are synthetic engagement rings popular? 

ST: Yes engagement rings are popular with us. Some people buy engagement rings from us either as a 'starter ring" or even as a permanent expression of love. It depends on the person and what is important to them. 

S-H: Do you have a favourite piece within the BAFTA collection?

ST: Right now I love our regent collection using briolette cut stones. Very elegant and very different. 

S-H: Carat* have partnered BAFTA as Official Jewellery Partner for three years now. Which star would you like to see wearing Carat* on Sunday?

ST: All of them :) 

S-H: Last year was Carat* 10th Birthday. What vision do you have for Carat* in the future? 

ST: I hope to see CARAT* continue develop into the European and Chinese markets representing the very best fantasy jewellery money can buy.  

To hear more from Scott about BAFTA preparation and also all the official partners for 2014. Watch the BAFTA countdown video below.

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