Sarah-Hayley's - The Green Guide to Beauty 2012

After suffering months of dry skin and lack-lustre hair I vowed to find a healthier and green alternative to my beauty regimes.  It ...

After suffering months of dry skin and lack-lustre hair I vowed to find a healthier and green alternative to my beauty regimes.  It has taken six months to find products that I am satisfied with, the following not only live up to my own expectations but also their own hype! Finally my beauty guide is complete and here are my hero products.

Brand: Elysambre
Elysambre offers to the greatest extent possible, an innovative, original makeup line, using organically-grown plant-based active ingredients. Branded as "respectful make-up" it aims to remain instep with nature.

Elysambre cosmetics are certified paraben-free, mineral oil free, and phenoxyethanol-free -  Phenoxyethanol is a  chemical used in cosmetics as a preservative and an alternative to parabens. There are many harmful effects reported about this chemical, reproductive damage and skin irritation being the most topical.  Most of Elysambre's ingredients are certified organic by Ecocert and its packaging is made from recyclable materials such as wood, cardboard and metal.

The Elysambre Organic Mascara is water based with a blend of intensive waxes which are suitable for sensitive skin and conditioning. Unlike some of the chemical alternatives, the mascara didn't clump and I didn't even need to reapply. My favourite shade is 03 a chocolate brown which thickens and lengthens lashes!

Elysambre Organic Mascara
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Brand: Organic Natralox
Organic Natralox dubbed "Botox in a Bottle" is a sought after anti-wrinkle serum, proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 50% within 30 days.

Made in Australia, Organic Natralox combines the highest quality plant-derived extracts including Argireline, the natural and less expensive alternative to Botox, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and protects against the signs of ageing.

After using Natralox Anti-Wrinkle Cream, although at age where my skin is still youthful (just) my skin felt smooth, visibly refreshed and hydrated. Apply Natralox once in the morning and once at night, after cleansing, to see the Natural natralox effects on your skin.

Natralox Anti-Wrinkle Cream
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Brand: Organic Glam at The Organic Pharmacy
This the first and only pharmacy in the world dedicated to health and beauty using organic products only. It is fully registered with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and dedicated to creating organic products free from toxins, which are commonly found in cosmetics. 

The Organic Glam Collection by The Organic Pharmacy are not only made from natural and organic ingredients but are free from artificial preservatives and fragrances and also uses mineral colours, herbal extracts and antioxidants which enhance the skin further.

The Organic Glam Foundation is a light sheer foundation that gives a luminous complexion. Available in seven shades, I found the foundation light to wear and although the consistency is easily layered, I preferered applying a small amount to the skin for a radiant look.

Organic Glam Foundation
Buy Organic Glam at The Organic Pharmacy

Brand: terre d'Oc
I came across terre d'Oc Make up, by recommendation of, highly sought after Make up Artist, Nadira V Persaud.  terre d'Oc was set up in 1995 with the desire to introduce natural and organic products in Provence, South of France.  Since then terre d'Oc has transformed into a leading French natural beauty company and have formulated over 50 clever cosmetics, each packed with a powerhouse of proven active oils, butters and vegetable pigments.

My favourite product is the terre d'Oc Natural Lipstick, Shade 201 Rose.  Moroccan inspired, this organic lip colour is enriched in argan oil which gives a real softness on the lips.  Other ingredients include canrauba wax and musk rose oil to ad protection.  As well as conditioning, the lipstick has a great shine.

Natural Lipstick - 201 Rose
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Brand: Sappho Organics
Hollywood make up artist, joAnn Fowler created Sappho Organics when an actress requested to wear chemical free make-up. Eight years on joAnn's creation has arrived and the products are some of my favourites. The cosmetics range is free from chemicals and developed as a professional make up product. It has also experienced one of the most rigorous tests going, as JoAnn used the cosmetics on set of the L Word TV show for a whole season to perfect it.

Sappho Liquid Foundation is a liquid mineral foundation which has an amazing scent and flawless coverage. Preserved with organic essentials oils and full of antioxidants the  seven shades are hand coloured. After using the liquid my skin felt smooth and hydrated. The consistency of the foundation is very creamy, so you only need to use a small amount for a perfect dewy look.

My favourite organic eye shadow is definitely Sappho Dream. It is a super soft and silky shade, the perfect neutral on which you can layer other colours or leave for a natural look. Sappho dream contains a mix of fine minerals combined with certified organic jojoba oil.

Sappho Liquid Foundation
Sappho Dream Eye Shadow
Buy Sappho Organics at Xynergy

Brand: Green & Spring
This brand is a little bit of home in the city. Established by Jessica and Peter Frankopan, who set up Cowley Manor and its Spa in the Cotswolds. The natural botanical products are inspired by the  idyllic English countryside, developed by blending herbs, flowers and plants native to the British Isles.

My favourite product is the Relaxing Shower and Bath Foam, but I do have a penchant for anything fragranced with Lavender.  This softening gel combines Lavender with chamomile and comfrey allowing you to soak all your troubles away.

Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam

Brand: Organic Colour systems at Karine Jackson London
This product and salon are ultimately my finds of 2011!  I visited Karine just before Milan Fashion Week and it was love at first hair sight! Organic Colour Systems was developed by a hairdresser who had suffered allergies to conventional colour,  so created a system using naturally derived ingredients that are kind and nurturing to the hair.  Organic Colour Systems features natural extracts, including aloe vera, comfrey, orange and grapefruit, and doesn’t contain ammonia, this allows the hair to retain its natural moisture and protein balance.

Karine chose to offer Organic Colour Systems at her salon when a client of hers also reacted to chemical hair colour. Former London Hairdresser of the year Karine Jackson, a holder of the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree places her in the top 1 per cent of L’Oreal colourists in the UK, knows good colour inside out and was keen to offer an organic alternative to the usual big-brand ranges. She says, “I tried a number of organic ranges that weren’t quite right, but I love the colours from Organic Colour Systems. The natural and organic movement, fuelled by health concerns in the UK, is gaining increased momentum in the field of beauty and hair care and we should be looking at the greener alternatives to chemical ranges.”

I completely agree with Karine, when we have these greener alternatives that actually work better and are similar in price to their chemical counterpart, we all should pay attention to these healthier options. With Organic Colour Systems my hair has never felt so healthy and not only was this due to this organic colour, but also Karine's hairdressing magic!

BrandINIKA Certified Organic
INIKA was founded by friends, Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams. Drawing on their own challenges with chemical cosmetics, the pair first launched Thriving Health Woman Website and subsequently their own natural and organic make up range.

INIKA beauty brand is 100 percent natural, incorporating mineral make up, vegan and organic products, completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. Since the brand began in 2006, INIKA’s full natural makeup range is now sold in more than 16 countries around the world.

INIKA Certified Organic Natural Perfection Concealer, hides blemishes and helps to even out skin tone. The mineral pigments contained offer light reflective particles which camouflages dark circles.  I loved this foundation, it was smoothing, due to the macadamia and rose hip oil and my skin didn't feel blocked.

Inika Certified Organic Natural Perfection Concealer
From £14.72
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Brand: Green People
Green People created, in 1994, by Charlotte Vohz, began due to Charlotte's daughter experiencing Eczema. Charlotte thus created an organic alternative, aimed for use aged 10 years and upwards, which are kinder to the skin and extremely effective.  Essential oils are key to the Green People design, replacing synthetic fragrances with natural scents.

Encompassing everything from Body Spa to cosmetics, there is something for everyone, including a men's skincare range and an organic babies collection.

I am fairly fussy over my blushers, I prefer pink shades and Pure Blush by Green people is the perfect tone.  What I like is how it seems to skim over the surface of my skin, without blocking my pores.

Pure Blush
Buy Green People at So Organic in Greenwich

Brand: Nubar
Nubar is an “eco friendly” non toxic brand which is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalates.

Spring/Summer 2011 sees the launch of the Nubar Spring Garden Collection, a dreamy hue of pastel shades that will inspire and compliment the whimsical Summer Fashion.

My shade of choice is Atantsion, a warm peach tone. I am having a natural nail obsession at the moment and this shade is perfect for all skin tones.

Eco Friendly Nail Lacquer
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Brand: Florascent Parfumeurs
This delightful company from Germany present an exquisite collection of precious natural organic perfumes that revives the tradition of the European art of perfumery of the 17th century. Florascent natural and organic fragances combine pure flower essences and aromatic waters to create captivating scent compositions. Precious, organic raw materials produce unique scents, which are hand-bottled, hand-sealed, and packed in unique handmade paper containers.

My favourite scent is Aqua Floralis Mimosa  a light fragrance with a slight herbal feeling, yet counter-ballanced by the rosewood which adds an overal grounding to the fragrance.

Natural Perfume
Eau de toilette Mimosa
Aqua Floralis 60ml
Buy Florascent Parfumeurs at Pravera

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