My Fashion and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year 2012

By today, if you have made any New Year resolutions you are probably half way to throwing in the towel!  To save myself this year I have a...

By today, if you have made any New Year resolutions you are probably half way to throwing in the towel!  To save myself this year I have adopted a few style resolutions in the hope that these will be easier to keep than it was to give up Chocolate for Lent.

My first resolution is to open my wardrobe to colour.  I am one of many 'wear black everyday' devotees, although I dress clients in prints and colourful garments, I have always steered away from adopting the look myself.  My first choice for colour is Gucci and teaming these cotton-twill cropped pants with this attention grabbing Sass & Bide printed Tee, I will definitely consider  myself colourful!

This year I have decided to tackle an area of my body I neglect the most, which happens to be my feet, for 2012 I am going to up the pedicures and hopefully support the part of my body that transports me to travel everywhere!

I haven't met many people in business that have the required amount of sleep, however I think I am definitely the worse for lack of sleep in my circle of friends. As a freelancer my day is never 9 - 5pm with a touch of overtime, it is 7 days a week, beginning at 9am and ending at 4am.  Sleep is so important and although I know I need it, my business demands have taken priority. To fully transform into a new me, this year I need to change my current work/life balance and start sleeping with the addition of leisure time.  Incidentally if anyone knows any sleeping aids other than tablets, I am always open to advice.

Make-up is one of my favourite purchases, it can transform me in a matter of seconds and even mask my mood.  This year I want to fully experiment with brighter shades of lipstick and Rockalily London is my first port of call. My favourite shade is 'Sailors Beware' but you will find other shades with different bases to suit your skintone. 

Exercise always features in a New Year plan and for 2012 I will be vibrating - on a powerplate I hasten to add - my way to a new me.  Vibration  training is the latest fad, although it isn't easy and like every form of exercise takes commitment, but the posibilities with powerplate are outstanding! There are classes at many locations, in London the two easisest studios to attend are Selfridges and Harrods.

The next two resolutions are there just to remind me that for good skin I need to sometimes break away from covering it all the time, and great style is independent of trends. Being true to yourself is always important.

Ethical Fashion hit the fashion forefront in 2011, thanks to Livia Firth, Ada Zanditon, and the Ethical Fashion Forum.  This year I aim to be further aware of ethical issues facing the industry.

The next resolution is one of my favourites.  I was researching for a feature on Organic Colour when I happened to hear about Karine Jackson's fabulous Covent Garden salon on twitter. I visited Karine just before I went to Milan Fashion Week and what a find it was.  Organic Colour Systems, developed by a hairdresser who had suffered allergies to conventional colour, is a range produced from Herb UK. The colour uses naturally derived ingredients that are kind and nurturing to the hair.  Organic Colour Systems features natural extracts, including aloe vera, comfrey, orange and grapefruit, and doesn’t contain ammonia, this allows the hair to retain its natural moisture and protein balance.  My hair has never felt so healthy and not only was this due to Organic Colour Systems, but also Karine's hairdressing magic. In 2012 I owe it to my hair to pay more attention to the greener alternatives to chemical ranges.

The last two resolutions are more light hearted.  No girl can have enough shoes and this year I want to learn to walk in high heels, especially these Lipsy Peeptoe Platforms, once again.  I can manage it for a few hours until the ballet flats appear! Here's hoping that with the regular pedicures and powerplate training I should have perfect feet and strong calfs!! 

Finally, we should all sparkle at least once a week! Choose your favourite items whether shoes, jewellery, clothes, or even with a beautiful Buba Mandala purse shown here and shine throughout this New Year!

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