Red Carpet Manicure launch the world's first at-home gel polish!

On Wednesday I attended the launch of the new heaven-sent product by Red Carpet Manicure .  Currently available in 36 shades , w...

On Wednesday I attended the launch of the new heaven-sent product by Red Carpet Manicure.  Currently available in 36 shades, with additional seasonal and runway-inspired collections released regularly, the first ever gel polish can now be applied without visiting a salon!

The technology and application has been specifically adapted for at-home use so it doesn't replace the professional gel manicures available in nail salons, simply allows you a cost and time effective solution for a long-lasting and high shine finish that wont chip or peel.

The ingenious system is applied in four easy steps, preparation, care, colour and finish. It dries instantly thanks to the LED light included in the kit, which sets the polish.

There is a choice of two amazing starter kits which both contain everything you need to acquire perfectly groomed nails. All you need to do when you choose your set is decide which LED light is best for you. The Starter Kit contains a portable light (shown above) which is battery operated and therefore cures the top, base and colour coats in a longer time, whereas the Professional Starter kit includes a mains operated LED light which only takes 45 seconds to cure each stage.

The removal is exactly the same as with all gel polishes, you will need to buff lightly to remove the shine from the first layer of polish and then soak off the gel with foil and acetone, but do not worry it is a very simple process.

I am so excited with this product, it is great for everyone to experience a long lasting professional finish in the comfort of your own home.

Buy now!
Starter Kit £59.95 (shown above)
Professional Kit £79.95

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