Happy Anniversary Boticca

This week Boticca.com , the online marketplace for designer jewellery and accessories, celebrates a year since launching. Champi...

This week Boticca.com, the online marketplace for designer jewellery and accessories, celebrates a year since launching.

Championing emerging and independent design talent, Boticca.com stock the very best of designers from 40 different countries and offers a collection of more than 5000 products, many of which are one-off pieces.

The site, based in London, searches high and low for designers that really wow. From your first glance at their website you cant believe your eyes, stunning pieces with narrative and meaning.

Boticca.com allows the consumer the opportunity to immerse themselves in high-quality and unique jewellery, with the the underlining feeling they are discovering something.

This delightful website excites me, Boticca.com should be at the top of your online destination for Christmas presents!

Inside my sketchbook I have chosen a handful of designers from Boticca.com, whose work provides much more than a piece of jewellery. Read their personal stories below and for more unique earrings for women, gold bracelets, rings, and necklaces for women, visit Bottica to view the full collection.

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Suzanna Dai
Suzanna Dai is a collection of jewelry and accessories inspired by old-world travel, exotic destinations, and diverse cultures. Each exquisite piece has a vintage feel with a modern flair.

Suzie Gallehugh is the creative force behind the Suzanna Dai collection, and she has infused her unique personality into each design. Suzie’s love of intricate embellishments, international travel, and all things vintage led her to create Suzanna Dai.

Arosha Luigi Taglia
I am a visual and eclectic Italian artist and designer. Born and raised in Turin, where I graduated from the renowned School of Design & Applied Arts, and currently residing in Israel. I am a painter, sculptor, digital artist, furniture and jewelry designer, with vast experience in all the communication fields - from pure art to design, from television to advertising. My designs are eclectic, playful and imaginative, and are often connected to my spiritual world. My jewels are characterized by their minimal, sculptural, sophisticated shapes, and by their unique, contemporary look.
Art and mathematics have been an integral part of my life since I can remember - warring with each other for my leisure time and occupation. In the last two decades, mathematics has been the one to take forward stage as I worked as a Mathematics Teaching Instructor. Despite this, art and my artistic side have always appeared in the work I did, and as a major part of the mathematical assignments I wrote.
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Artist, prop-maker and jewellery designer Jessica de Lotz impressed on a recent visit to Vogue House. The extraordinarily creative creature disguises her Art Deco bijoux within antiques collected from flea markets and vintage fairs. So, in Jessica’s covert hands, a Thirties door bell deconstructs and unscrews to reveal a beautiful black diamond ring” - Vogue.This quote beautifully encapsulates the essence of my narrative based work and my inspirations
Seville Michelle Anastos.“You have to be past possible. We all dream of the possible but being past it means you’re living it.” – Seville Michelle Anastos.Born in Queens, NY to a Greek father and Cuban mother Seville Michelle Anastos is a multifaceted, multicultural fashion visionary who discovered her creative voice at an early age. Whether expressing herself through her wardrobe, painting or writing she has always felt she had an important message to relay.. love being the key to that message.
Because I place much importance on high quality that goes beyond mere physical value, all the pieces here are hand crafted with great care and a keen eye for detail. As for my inspiration, the designs that I arrive at are end results of thoroughly deliberated concepts. I am especially intrigued by various proverbs and expressions, perhaps so interesting to me because of my multi-cultural upbringing. First Japan, then Amsterdam and Singapore, and now my pursuit has brought me to London. Here I attempt to satisfy my curiosity to all things worldly, and hopefully yours as well.
Beirut born Joanna Dahdah’s debut collection Muse has already featured on the pages of Italian Vogue, won her ‘Best Newcomer’ at London Jewellery Week and most recently placed her with the jewellery elite amongst 100 other aspiring jewellery designers, trendsetters, business big shots and retail stars in the 2010 ‘Hot 100 ’ influential people in the UK jewellery industry sponsored by Professional Jeweller.

Saskia B.
Saskia B. “Contemporary, classic, edgy jewellery”. Designed by Natasha Horn Banham who studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central St Martins London. The collection is beautifully handcrafted. Each piece is unique and made of solid silver and 18C gold plated silver. The semi-precious stones are carefully selected for their outstanding beauty and quality. Hallmarked at the London Assay Office, with the SB hallmark, a sign of authenticity. Natasha loves fashion and aims to create one off pieces which are versatile, stylish and playful.

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