Artistic Colour Gloss: The Only Manicure

In July I experienced the everlasting nail colour with the launch of Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off gel polish at Urban Retreat’s...

In July I experienced the everlasting nail colour with the launch of Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off gel polish at Urban Retreat’s nail loft.

Available in a staggering 66 colours with 22 new shades, this dream long-lasting, chip-free manicure is utterly impressive. 

Compared to other gel polishes, Artistic Gloss sustains its lustre and soaks off the nail without the need for buffing too much of the nail bed and destroying the natural nail.

This professional salon treatment has been created by top Hollywood manicurist, Tom Bachik, who has tended the fingertips of A-listers including Victoria Beckham, J-Lo, Cameron Diaz and BeyoncĂ©.  Drawing on Tom’s unrivalled talent and expertise, this advanced gel polish glides beautifully onto finger and toe nails, cured to dry in a lamp for 30 seconds which eliminates the risk of smudging or peeling on leaving the salon.

I am so impressed with Artistic Colour Gloss, I haven't used anything else since my first appointment.  The first shade was 'All the Rage' a subtle slate grey which complimented all the colours of my wardrobe and lasted for nearly three weeks.  The second shade of choice was the aptly named 'Fab', a beautiful mulberry which caused a stir wherever I went. 

My parents blessed me with ultra long nails coupled with a wide nail bed  which never crack or break.  In my job my hands and nails are constantly on show, whether rifling through clothes, writing notes during an interview, or on an accessories appointment. Therefore, I want a polish that can carry me through weeks on end without fading or chipping, with Artistic Colour Gloss, I get this and more!

I am lucky to receive many compliments on my nails, but nothing like what I have experienced over these last few months with Artistic Colour Gloss.  When I visited other salons which used a different soak-off gel, the Nail technicians were transfixed that 3 weeks since my initial appointment the polish still looked as good as new!

Lasting  up to 21 days, there is also an option to infill the growth with the same colour, which will not cause any stress or damage to the natural nail; although it is more fun testing out all the different shades, including some great neon or sparkly colours!

Commenting on the latest A/W nail trends, Tom comments: “We saw a wide range of looks and effects for nails for autumn 11’ from short, slightly oval shaped nails to longer talons. Dominating colours on the catwalks for fashion weeks included nude or camel nails with a matte finish, deep plums, mulberry, navy and the odd orange thrown in for fun - whether it was burnt or neon! I think nail art is also peeking its head back in the market, but in the form of just a little personal style - an accent nail or two is all that’s needed.”

Take a look at my Artistic Colour Gloss experience above, including my favourite shades.  For available salons click the link here, or phone 020 8238 6300 to find your nearest.

In London, my favourite salons are Urban Retreat and Aldo Coppola.  In Gloucestershire, Aura of Beauty in Cheltenham also offer this luxurious manicure.

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