Brush with Fashion - The Latest LCF Collaboration

‘Brush with Fashion’ is the latest collaboration between The Body Shop and the prominent London College of Fashion. Ann Massal, In...

‘Brush with Fashion’ is the latest collaboration between The Body Shop and the prominent London College of Fashion.
Ann Massal, International Brand and Innovation Director of The Body Shop said in our interview, “For me it is very exciting and I think it really shows that you can be sustainable, creative and fashionable at the same time, without a trade-off anymore”.
The pioneers in beauty and fashion joined forces to create a limited edition SS11 Make-up collection embracing the Body Shop's ethical commitment and passion to create on-trend cruelty free make-up in partnership with London College of Fashion who are also renowned for a similar devotion to sustainability, setting up the Centre for Sustainable Fashion in 2008.
The collection takes its name from the addition of smart built in brushes in each product for convenience. There are two striking portable Quattro eye palettes, Boho Beauty provides wearable matte shades in nude, apricot and two earth tones, whereas A la Mode is a beautiful blend of pearlescent white, pink and silver with an intense black to add dramatic definition.
Two hi-shine lip treatments, made with community fair trade marula and avocado oil, compliment the collection in pastel hues of pink cream or a juicy peach.   And that is not all; add warmth to your complexion with the Illuminating Face Base.  This product is blissfully moisturising plus it features elements of mica and light diffusing pearls to create a soft focus effect.

William Tempest, London College of Fashion graduate and winner of a WGSN global fashion award for best emerging brand also added his creativity to the collaboration.  The campaign poster inside all Body Shop stores features a model holding a giant make-up brush wearing an eye-catching strapless dress which was part of William’s debut for London Fashion Week.
Speaking to me about his role in the collaboration, William said, “This is a really great project for me to work on because I really want to help support the London College of Fashion” and “The Body Shop is a brand I have always bought ever since I was a teenager”.
The unique collection is packaged in a design created by a London College of Fashion undergraduate, following a joint The Body Shop and London College of Fashion design competition. Katarina Voloder, a German 21 year old BA (Hons) fashion illustration student, whose design was selected, used a poster featuring “cupcakes, candy mixed in with make-up as the main inspiration” for her winning design.  Katarina said, “I think The Body Shop is a great company, from January I have a work placement and I am looking forward to starting a great journey with them.”

The limited edition ‘Brush with Fashion’ will be in The Body Shop stores nationwide from today.  It has never been simpler to brush on spring’s fashion-driven colours, anytime, anywhere with professional looking make up on the move.

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